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You don't have to be a physicist to know what MC Squared is -- Einstein told us it's ENERGY. And, his equation told us even more. It told us that matter could be converted to ENERGY, and ENERGY could be converted into matter.

And, that's what we, as lawyers and business consultants, do at MC Squared. We take your matters, and bring ENERGY to them. We take your ENERGY and put it to work, creating business.

Michael Leventhal

Michael Leventhal has been practicing in high technology and digital media since before the internet was a business model, after running an entertainment law firm in the late 1980's and early 1990's. In 1992, he combined his entertainment and digital media practices, when "multimedia" meant the CD-ROM business. Since that time, Michael has been on the forefront of the legal and business aspects of nearly every major technological innovation in digital media, from payment for electronic transmissions of entertainment content (rather than just shiny discs), to dispute resolution over domain names, to co-branding and cross-licensing agreements for online services, to pay-per-click advertising services, to digital music download services, to television/internet hybrids and the development and licensing agreements required to make them run, to user generated content sites, including development in SecondLife.

Among his clients during these years are Fox Interactive Media, MySpace, Pop.com, Oversee.net, NEC, Compendia Media, Virtual Netcasting Corporation, the Interactive Television Alliance, RockWeb, and Satellite Events Enterprises, among many other entertainment/new media/traditional media ventures.

Michael has represented hundreds of digital media and high tech start-ups in music, film, interactive television, sports, stand-alone online ventures, non-entertainment web-based businesses, and software—from formation to strategic planning and alliances, to licensing matters, to obtaining financing.

Starting around 2004, Michael has gotten involved in the "Clean Tech" and space commerce industries, assisting entrepreneurs in these areas with their legal and strategic needs and initiatives, working with advanced water filtration companies, sustainable living companies, rocket companies, and other space-related projects.

Working with entrepreneurs and visionaries at all stages of development has long been one of Michael's passions. Michael has been a partner in a large national firm, a co-owner of several boutique law firms and a business consultancy, and a solo practitioner. The combination of law firm and business consultancy is consistent with Michael's holistic approach to representing businesses, both large and start up.

Michael goes beyond drafting of agreements and filing of trademark applications to understand and support your business with strong strategic thinking. He works with clients to develop an overall direction, with legal and business projects woven into the fabric of the larger strategy.

June Weiss, Paralegal,

Corporate Paralegal Certification, University of Southern California

June has worked in the field of law for over 20 years and is an accomplished and published paralegal, with expertise in traditional entertainment and corporate procedures. She also knows how to cut to the chase.

June came from the entertainment law trenches, drafting, reviewing and revising contracts in all aspects of the music industry including recording, merchandising, licensing, music publishing, artist/management agreements, etc. while working for a well known (but now disbanded) boutique entertainment law firm in Beverly Hills, of which Michael Leventhal was the managing partner.

She went on to become Director of Business Affairs for a small record label where she drafted, negotiated, reviewed and revised music industry contracts such as recording, producer and bandmember agreements; master use, coupling and sample licenses; merchandising, foreign distribution, music publishing, and artist management agreements. She also monitored and assisted outside counsel on litigation matters. She interacted with foreign distributors and acted as artist liaison for recording budgets, exercise of options, album artwork and securing commitments and contracts for guest performers. June personally arranged concert tours of both Europe and Japan for numerous artists, and even branched out into the design and creation of flyers and promotional mailings. Following her departure from the record label she continued to work with musical artists such as the Jazz Crusaders on a freelance basis.

After making her escape from the entertainment end of the law, she returned to more traditional law firms where she specialized in the formation, statutory maintenance and dissolution of various types of business entities, including corporations, LLCs, LPs, professional corporations and general partnerships. During this time she was also the lead paralegal on numerous multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions and both formed and secured tax exempt status for several charitable trusts.

June has contributed to the Leadership Exchange, the magazine of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, and is currently working on articles for KNOW, a new national magazine for paralegals whose premier issue was published in February 2008. She served two terms with the Southwest Missouri Paralegal Association as the First Vice President/Membership, and was editor in chief of its monthly newsletter for two and a half years.


Rita Rozen, Paralegal
Rita has had a successful paralegal career handling large domestic and foreign trademark portfolios for over 17 years in a variety of industries, including food and beverages, clothing accessories, cosmetics, fishing, real estate, retail sales, music and entertainment, health and fitness, and vacation and resort spots. 

Rita started her career in the legal field at the law firm Spensley, Horn, Jubas, & Lubitz where she worked for about 2 and a half years.  Then she moved to the law firm Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell, LLP where she worked for over 15 years.  More recently, she worked at The Walt Disney Company.  She has spent her career preparing and filing trademark applications and mastering her knowledge in all phases of trademark registration and post-registration.  She has worked in all aspects of trademarks, including conducting availability searches, preparing and filing trademarks, drafting and filing responses to office actions, monitoring progress of applications, drafting correspondence to clients and foreign associates, drafting assignment agreements and consent to registration agreements, preparing filing documents for recordation of assignments and other documents affecting title (e.g., change of company name or state of incorporation), attending to legalization of documents, preparing and filing applications for recordation of trademarks with U.S. Customs; preparing and filing declarations of use and incontestability and renewal applications, preparing and filing trademark oppositions and cancellations; updating and maintaining trademark databases, and developing trademark reports. Rita has also conducted third party use investigations and drafted cease and desist letters; conducted Internet research related to Intellectual Property.  Rita also has  experience in preparing and filing copyright applications and has knowledge of patents, including obtaining patent searches; drafting correspondence regarding preparation of drawings; preparing patent filing forms, and drafting correspondence involving patent issues to clients and foreign associates.

She was recruited by MC Squared to assist in preparing and filing trademark applications, responses to office actions, preparing and filing statements of use, extension requests, and other miscellaneous communications with the U.S. Trademark Office. Rita will also review foreign counsel reporting communications and prepare appropriate instructions regarding responses to office actions, declarations of use, and related issues. Rita is a member of the Los Angeles Paralegal Association.  She also holds a notary public commission issued by the California Secretary of State and is fluent in English and Spanish.  Rita has become a welcome addition to our staff.