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What Do These Businesses Have In Common?

MC Squared works heavily in the business of digital media. True to our central mission, which is to help bleeding edge companies grow, over the last several years, two of the areas we have been working in are the Green or "Cleantech" industry and space commerce. And, guess what? We keep running into the same people! Digital media pioneers like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Paul Allen and now Google are fully involved in the new space race. Some of the space entrepreneurs, including the creator of the X Prize, are heavily involved in the Green space. Musk is also involved in making an electric car. The biggest name VCs in the digital revolution are all going Green. Why is this happening?

I suppose it varies with each individual story, but I can't help thinking that the pioneers working in digital media in the '90's were looking for adventure, a way to make a difference in the world, and an opportunity to be on the ground floor of something big. And, some of them (quite a few!) were science geeks. Low and behold, here it is, the 21stcentury, and those conditions are here again. Space provides adventure, a way to change the world and follow humanity's destiny, there's money starting to flow into space ventures, and, for the geek, maybe we get to go up there ourselves! Cleantech has a similar profile. It's new, the ideas are coming fast and furious, imaginative and revolutionary. Money is flowing into Green funds and startups, it's a way to help save us from ourselves, and, in some cases, the science is positively cool!

MC Squared attends the Bioneers conference in the Bay Area, LOHAS in the spring, and the Space Investment Summits and International Space Development Conferences, as they are being scheduled, meeting with environmental and space companies. What a pleasure it has been to reaffirm that being where the action is can be fun and profitable!